Sun City Grand

Floor Plans:

9210 Iris R
9211 Cypress R
9212 Cactus Flower R
9213 Azalea R
9214 Sycamore R
9215 Desert Rose R
9221 Celebration R
9222 Legacy R
9223 Heritage R
9231 Borgata R
9232 Valencia R
9233 Sierra R
9234 Verano R
9235 Mission R
9236 Hacenda R
9251 Ashbury R
9253 Cambridge R
9253 Hampton R
9254 Kensington R
9255 Windsor R
C9154 Mariposa R
C9221 Celebration R
C9222 Legacy R
C9223 Heritage R
Casita - Hobby R
E9130 Saguaro R
E9131 Cordova R
E9132 Mesquite R
E9133 Ironwood R
E9135 Rosewood R
E9136 Briarwood R
E9251 Ashbury R
E9252 Cambridge R
E9253 Hampton R
E9254 Kensington R
E9255 Windsor R
G9171 Cedar R
G9172 Sage R
G9173 Juniper R
Grande R
Libra R
Mirada R
P9102 Lantana R
P9103 Manzanita R
P9104 Palo Verde R
P9105 Verbena R
P9106 Stonecrest R
P9107 Windrose II R
P9108 Jasmine R
P9109 Cholla R
P9110 Coronado R
P9231 Borgata R
P9232 Valencia II R
P9232 Valencia R
P9233 Sierra R
P9234 Verano R
P9235 Mission R
P9236 Hacienda R
S9161 Willow R
S9162 Kiva R
S9163 Acacia R
S9164 Madera R
S9165 Verde R
S9210 Iris R
S9211 Cypress R
S9212 Cactus Flower R
S9213 Azalea R
S9214 Sycamore R
S9215 Desert Rose R
S9263 Hampton R
Ventana R
Vista R

9210 Iris S
9211 Cypress S
9212 Cactus Flower S
9213 Azalea S
9214 Sycamore S
9215 Desert Rose S
9221 Celebration S
9222 Legacy S
9223 Heritage S
9231 Borgata S
9232 Valencia S
9233 Sierra S
9234 Verano S
9235 Mission S
9236 Hacenda S
9251 Ashbury S
9253 Cambridge S
9253 Hampton S
9254 Kensington S
9255 Windsor S

C9221 Celebration S
C9222 Legacy S
C9223 Heritage S
Casita - Hobby S
E9130 Saguaro S
E9131 Cordova S
E9132 Mesquite S
E9133 Ironwood S
E9135 Rosewood S
E9136 Briarwood S
E9251 Ashbury S
E9252 Cambridge S
E9253 Hampton S
E9254 Kensington S
E9255 Windsor S
G9171 Cedar S
G9172 Sage S
G9173 Juniper S
Grande S
Libra S
Mirada S
P9102 Lantana S
P9103 Manzanita S
P9104 Palo Verde S
P9105 Verbena S
P9106 Stonecrest S
P9107 Windrose II S
P9108 Jasmine S
P9109 Cholla S
P9110 Coronado S
P9231 Borgata S
P9232 Valencia II S
P9232 Valencia S
P9233 Sierra S
P9234 Verano S
P9235 Mission S
P9236 Hacienda S
S9161 Willow S
S9162 Kiva S
S9163 Acacia S
S9164 Madera S
S9165 Verde S
S9210 Iris S
S9211 Cypress S
S9212 Cactus Flower S
S9213 Azalea S
S9214 Sycamore S
S9215 Desert Rose S
S9263 Hampton S

Ventana S
Vista S

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